How to use PWR!Up for good posture

Today we are going to talk about why posture is so important and how you can practice your posture in everyday life. We want to make sure we are PWR’d up or have good posture because we want to avoid things like back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Also, posture is really important for your balance. If your posture is forward, it’s really easy to trip and fall. So that’s why we practice our skill of PWR! Up so much.  

Watch the standing PWR!Up exercise. Start by doing 10 of those every day to start your morning, to get your posture in a good position. Also, I love practicing posture against a wall because they are easy to find anywhere.  

Try to PWR! Up against the wall. Remember to get the back of your head against the wall and your hips and your back, looking straight ahead. It’s a really good way to get feedback on where your best posture is.  

Thanks so much and we will see you next time! 

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Emily Borchers, DPT Parkinson Disease Exercise Specialist

About the Author

Emily joined the PWR! team in September 2014 and hails from Dayton, OH.  Along with managing the Physical Therapy Department at the PWR!Gym, Emily teaches exercise therapy classes, coordinates the clinical education program for physical therapy students, and contributes to PWR!’s ongoing research.

You’ll participate in a range of classes taught by Emily—her favorites are our dance, HIIT, and cognitive challenge classes.

Emily offers physical therapy to clients in Arizona and wellness consultations to those outside of Arizona.

Outside the gym, Emily enjoys cycling and playing sand volleyball.  She also loves hiking, backpacking, and camping, and has even hiked the John Muir trail!