Pulling up the blankets using the PWR!Moves

Follow Calli as she shows you how to use movement to help you pull those tangled blankets up in bed.


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Calli demonstrates how to use the PWR!Twist in supine to help pull the covers up when in bed. Normally we do our PWR!Twist with our arms out in a T position, but today we are going to twist low so we can reach for the covers.

Make a big, exaggerated reach across the body for your foot to help build up some momentum. Let’s try that a couple more times together.

If you need to, keep your knees slightly bent especially if you have some tightness in your hamstrings. Now we can use this movement to help us reach for that blanket.

As we reach across our body, let’s grab that blanket and come down on to a propped elbow. Switch arms as you reach towards the other foot to pull those blankets up. Let’s try that a couple more times.

Great work!

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